Children’s Bible Lesson Plans

To those of you teaching children’s groups around Senegal:

Even if the primary language of your church is French, Wolof may be a better choice for your Sunday School class or kids’ storying group. As a Bible teacher, you want to speak into the lives of your students and allow God’s Word to shape their developing worldview. And you want the children to understand that God knows them intimately and loves them and wants to speak directly to them! The best way to convey these truths is through the heart language of your students.

These lesson plans are designed for English speakers to use when teaching Wolof-speaking children. I have taught through all of them myself and am happy to answer any questions or hear any feedback you might have. Click here to email me.

Chronological Bible stories

I would recommend using this series first. It is based on the 52 chronological Wolof Bible storying booklets developed by J. and B. Vaughn. You will need to have the storying booklets, which you can get by clicking on the button below if you don’t already have a set. This series is great for kids who have never heard anything about the Bible or Jesus. It starts with Creation and covers 33 Old Testament stories before getting to the New Testament stories.

I designed these lesson plans to use with village storying groups of kids of all ages that meet outdoors but they can also be used for Sunday School classes that meet in a classroom. Each lesson includes a game that relates to the Bible story and another fun activity.

Chronological Bible storying booklets

Stories from Old and New Testaments

Storying lesson plans for children

Lesson plans for teaching the 52 stories to kids

Acts Stories

 These 12 lesson plans are based on the book of Acts and follow after the 52 stories. You will also need the Wolof storying booklets written by the Vaughns for this series. They are available online by clicking on the Download button under Chronologial Bible storying booklets above. These lesson plans were written to use with a group of children of all ages meeting in a classroom. In addition to the games and other fun activities, there are seven memory verses that the children learn over the course of the series. At the end, there is a short skit the children can present which includes the Bible verses they have memorized and which summarizes the Gospel message. Of course, as with all of these lesson plans, please feel free to adapt the content to fit your needs.

Storying lesson plans for kids on Acts

12 lesson plans for stories for use with the Acts stories

Growing Disciple

This series of 18 lessons is based on The Growing Disciple materials written for oral learners by Johnny Norwood. I have adapted it and simplified it for use with children and added some games and other fun activities. (Note: the original document by Johnny Norwood is also included here.)

Growing Disciple

Johnny Norwood’s lessons on Acts

In this series, twelve basic elements of the life of a disciple of Jesus are taught and explained (for example: baptism, prayer, stewardship). Each time a new element is taught, the students learn to add something to the drawing. This helps them to remember the lessons and be able to share what they know with others about how a follower of Jesus lives. The illustration at the right shows the final drawing. Even the 5-year olds in my Sunday School class could do this drawing beautifully by the end of the series!

Ideally, this series is taught after the Acts series and in a classroom setting. It is best for students who can read, so those aged 7 – 15.