Orality Orientation Lesson

Welcome to the Orality Orientation Materials page. Here you can find the updated orientation materials for English, Spanish, and French. Each language’s materials are comprised of the video and supporting documents. The English and Spanish packets include the Orientation Module, the Big Story chronological Bible Storying manual, and the teacher’s guide to the Big Story. There are two ways to access the materials.


  • Click here to download the DVD image containing all the materials and videos in all three languages. [Click here for instructions on burning the image to a blank DVD.]
  • Click here to access the orientation materials. You can then watch the video of your choice below. You can also download the videos by clicking on the down arrow on the lower right corner of each.

Burning the image to DVD

Once you have downloaded the DVD image, you can burn the image to a blank DVD with your preferred burning program, or follow the instructions below.

Instructions for burning an .iso image to DVD on Windows using Infra Recorder

  1. Download and install Infra Recorder, a free and open source image burning program.
  2. Insert a blank DVD in the drive and select Do nothing or Cancel if an autorun dialog pops up.
  3. Open Infra Recorder and click the ‘Write Image’ button in the main screen. [Alternatively you can select the ‘Actions’ menu, then ‘Burn image’.]
  4. Select the Orality Orientation Materials DVD image file in the box that appears, then click ‘Open’.
  5. In the dialog, click ‘OK’.

If you have any difficulties with this process, click here to let me know and I’ll try to help.