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Corey and Katie have five kids and twenty years' experience ministering in Senegal.

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We aren’t doing this alone. You can be involved by praying, giving, or coming to join our team.

What we do

We work with SIM in Senegal to proclaim the good news, equip people with what they need to know God better,  and minister to community needs.


Wolof Bible app

This app contains all the completed books of the Wolof Bible in both the 2010 and 2019 versions. Available for Android and iOS.

Arabic script Wolof Bible app

Contains all the books transliterated thus far into the Wolof lanugage, but written using Arabic script. Available for iOS and Android.

Chronological gospel presentation app

This app has stories from Old and New Testament in both Roman and Arabic script with audio. Available on iOS and Android.

Chronological presentation booklets

The same stories contained in the chronological app in both Roman and Arabic script.

Wolof songbook app

This app contains the lyrics from the two main song collections, Canti Boroom Bi and Nanu Woy Boroom Bi. Available for iOS and Android.

Way of Righteousness app

Download and stream the Yoonu Njub radio program. Available for iOS and Android.

Wolof Scripture Calendar app

This companion app to the printed calendar contains the same content with audio. Available for iOS and Android.

Wolof Bible apps for computers

Bible apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Three different options are available; learn more and choose which one fits you best here.

Childrens' Bible Lesson Plans

Lesson plans designed for English speakers to use with groups of Wolof-speaking kids.

We are members of an international, interdenominational, evangelical organization called SIM. SIM was begun in 1893 as the Soudan Interior Mission but as groups working in other places merged together the name became simply SIM. We currently have more than 4,000 active workers serving in more than 60 countries among many diverse people groups in Africa, Asia, and South America. SIM workers serve in a wide variety of career fields and are international themselves, representing more than 60 nationalities!

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